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Here at Insurance Elevated, we are licensed in over 30 states and dedicated to providing you with nothing but the best coverage at the lowest rates.

Backed by years of experience, we have dealt with and support numerous small business owners, realtors, travel nurses, and families of all sizes. When you deal with us at Insurance Elevated, you deal with real representatives in real-time and not automated systems. We take pride in respecting our clients privacy so you can trust that your information is safely handled and will never be sold under any circumstances because privacy matters and so do you.

Feel free to schedule a call with me personally or with any of our agents if you're interested in getting coverage at the best rates today.
Eric Bosworth
Owner & Agent at Insurance Elevated

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65% of people agree that having life and health insurance is a key part of taking care of their loved ones financially.
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"Kiara B. was a great help in finding a great life insurance policy and health insurance policy that met my needs! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great experience and customer service. 10/10 and can’t wait to see more from the company."
Talia D., Facebook
“Ian was incredible, he made the process fast and simple! Highly recommend this team!”
Chandler W., Facebook
"Super friendly and amazing to work with. Eric really went out of his way to make sure i got the best coverage. He spent a ton of time going over all the options and made sure I had the cover i needed and kept it as streamline and simple as possible."
Bobby S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for private health insurance?
If you are in relatively good health then you will be a strong candidate.
Any major pre-existing conditions such as cancer, prior heart attack, stroke, or diabetes may be reason for denial. In that case, there are other options outside of private coverage we can explore with you!
Is there an open enrollment or a specific time period I must enroll in for private insurance?
This enrollment period only applies to ACA/ Obamacare and Public Marketplace plans. Private health processes applications year-round! This means there are no limitations to when you can sign up for coverage!
Is private health coverage really expensive?
You would be surprised at how affordable it can actually be! Rates for private insurance are based on benefits rather than income and 100% tax deductible for self employed.
What if I want to cancel my policy? Can I do so anytime?
Good news is you are under no obligation to continue coverage. You may cancel whenever you please.
Do you offer other coverage areas besides health? What about life, dental or vision?
We are a brokerage here at Elevated Financial Group. This means we are your one stop shop for ALL your insurance needs. We have access to many companies, plans and rates! This means we can shop and compare to make sure we find you something that fits your lifestyle and budget best. We offer health coverage, life insurance, dental, vision and accident protection just to name a few… the list goes on!
I travel for work and for fun. Will my private plan cover me wherever I go?
Yes! One of the many outstanding features of private health plans is the nationwide coverage.
Do I have to get a physical or blood work for life insurance?
Today, there are multiple instant approval options that don’t require physical, blood work, or urine. This means we can get you and your family a life insurance plan active the same day to make sure everyone is protected.
What type of life insurance plans do you have access to?
As a brokerage we have access to over 10 different carriers. Which gives us term life, whole life, index universal life, and final expense programs.
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